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At SC Wellness Solutions, we are dedicated to improving the daily lives of caregivers and aging parents. Our Virtual Personal Assistants specialize in streamlining tasks, managing schedules, and ensuring seamless communication, serving as your committed support system. With a focus on fostering simplicity and efficiency, we empower you to navigate your daily routines effortlessly, providing peace of mind in every step.
Regina Rahaman
Virtual Assistant


  • Healthcare Portal Management
  • Online Bill Payment Assistance
  • Medical Supplies Coordination
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Pharmacy Coordination
  • Important Reminders
  • Research Assistance
  • Eldercare Planning
  • Health Advocacy
  • Phone Support
  • Fax Service


“Regina worked wonders for my senior parents’ calls. No more confusion and agitation dealing with long hold times and communication barriers. Their communication is now stress-free!”

Liam S.

“Thankful for Regina's help with faxing medical records. She smoothly managed the call, making sure records were sent on time for a crucial medical clearance. Regina's careful task handling gave me peace of mind. Thank you!”


“Big thanks to Regina for her exceptional support managing our healthcare portal. From scheduling to accessing records, her attention to detail and commitment are exceptional. Reassured by her professionalism in handling our healthcare. Highly recommend!”

Leonard Robinson
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